Meet Ben, our new Managing Director

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Ben has worked for over 15 years in the prime housing market for one of London’s leading property companies. During his time at Foxtons, he worked in a range of sales roles and projects culminating in his Operations Director role. He will focus on developing all internal processes by implementing efficient systems and driving forward our talented team which will further improve the quality of service we offer.

Ben is a people-centric Director and strives to build lasting relationships with our clients, working with honesty, integrity, and positivity. He is looking forward to building on Dapa’s knowledge of the new homes market and how we can further assist in the sale of your property through our design.

We’ve asked him a few questions so you can get to know our new Managing Director…

What do you hope to bring to your role as Managing Director?

This is a role that I knew I wanted to do within 10 minutes of meeting the co-owners, Daniel and Rob. Their enthusiasm and passion for the product they deliver is second to none.

Dapa is a people-first based company, the client, and the staff, never compromising on either. I bring experience in delivering growth within a similar environment whilst motivating and supporting the best talent. At Dapa we have some of the UK’s leading designers and creatives, presenting us with a fantastic opportunity for further expansion….so it really was a perfect match.

Who inspires you (professionally)?

From a business perspective, I have always found Peter Jones inspiring. Not for his wealth or the number of companies, he owns but for his fervour, energy and always trying to find a positive. He wins most of his pitches because the entrepreneur feels he believes in their idea as much as they do. He gets excited!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love spending time with my family, my two boys Rory and Frankie are 3 and 1 and at the magical age where every day they teach me something new. I also love running. It’s perfect for thinking through new ideas and solutions, a good destress and keeps me fit!

What is your favourite place in the world and why?

Sri Lanka, my wife and I visited the country five years ago on our honeymoon. It’s like visiting several countries in one go and the people make the island. From the history of Galle Fort to the beaches of Talala, the colonial architecture of Columbo, to whale watching in Mirissa. Oh and the exquisite food, hoppers and coconut Sambal, you won’t taste better!

If you could offer one piece of advice what would it be?

Put your hand up for everything outside of your comfort zone. As my career has progressed, I’ve realised that the more you try something unfamiliar the easier it becomes. It takes courage to give something a go and you will always enjoy it so much more than you expect.

We’re really excited about this addition to our growing team at Dapa and we can’t wait to see what the next 12 months are going to look like.