Our summary from Maison & Objet 2023

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Our creative team have just returned from Paris where they have attended an ultra-inspiring trade show with suppliers from across the globe showcasing their products, with a specific focus on sustainability. Maison & Objet Paris is one of the most influential trade shows in the world for interior and lifestyle brands and this year’s show was no exception, with a wide range of trends on display we’re excited to share our findings with you… 


Sustainability was integral at Maison & Objet this year, designers were experimenting with different mediums to craft timeless and sustainable pieces, repurposing used materials and giving them a new lease of life in form of an exciting new product. 

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The evergrowing choices of repurposed open plastics and reclaimed wood reinforce that we must make conscious choices when sourcing items and choosing materials. Terrazzo sheets made from recycled fridges and waste plastics made an impression as did the wide selection of rugs that are made using biodegradable fibres.

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The drive towards eco-design also drives a trend in unrefined materials, so products that have a raw and natural feel are on the rise with a more earth-driven story and finish to materials we are seeing in the interiors space.


Statement colours had a strong presence, creating a vibrant and uplifting environment from the offset. Real pops of colour that evoke emotion were at every corner, creating spaces that were such a stimulus for the senses.

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Over the last few years, colour has had a resurgence, and this was evident at Maison & Objet this year! Bold interiors are back, and colour is now not only seen in art but in furniture, rugs and accessories too with an array of different colours amassed to offer a real impact. Evoking colours of sunsets and the vibrancy of summer hues are prevalent as consumers are becoming braver in their choices, colour will play a defining role in setting the tone in our ever changing environment. 

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Striking colour in upholstery and accessories as well as a real commitment to colour on a large scale has never been more available. We believe colour expresses personality from cobalt blues and vibrant yellows to fuchsia, orange and peachy tones paired with hot pinks create a bold and brave colour choice. Bringing in bright colours to a space helps create a sense of optimism and positivity as well as a sense of energy and excitement.


Natural and ethnic-inspired trends seem to be increasingly popular in both homewares and interiors across the board. We’re seeing it in an array of earth tones to nature-inspired pieces and unique furniture, which adds a global flair to any space. 

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Earth-inspired textures and tones are still very prominent, offering a nature inspired look that is both stylish and timeless. From wood with exposed grain to rattan and ethnic pieces, there is something for everyones taste. Pottery was also a popular choice, with many pieces having a simplistic yet beautifully hand-made look and feel, especially when unglazed, it gave a raw and authentic finish.

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The use of stone, wood and clay to create unique pieces offer a feeling of calm, creating spaces that are layered with multiple textures. The raw unfinished feel of these products relates back to their craft and offers us a comforting element whilst expressing creativity and passion in a refined way.


Our creative team have been working hard since returning from their trip, gathering all their inspiration and sharing this with the entire team on our January design workshop, then sourcing some exciting and unique pieces for our upcoming projects.  We find taking a step away from our projects and immersing ourselves in all things design re-energises our creative minds enabling our team to throw ideas around the room, talk about trends for the year and upcoming schemes they’re excited to work on.

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Written by Karl Openshaw, Lead Creative.