Emerging Colours for Autumn & Winter

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As we head towards the spring season, Dapa are looking onwards for the colours that will be prominent in the autumn and winter and through to 2023, ensuring the companies clients are kept ahead of the curve.

Karl Openshaw, Lead Creative, Dapa Interiors comments “WGSN and Coloro provide direction for colours that will be adopted for autumn and winter. Key Colours capture the direction consumers will be drawn to reflecting sensitivity towards changing emotional states and changing lifestyles. Bold colour that reflects playfulness and are energising sit with more self-care and wellness. Versatile colours that are trans-seasonal reflect the importance of choosing colour responsibly.”


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Dapa have focused on five key colours:

‘Digital Lavender’ – restful, promotes sleep and vibrancy. A gender inclusive colour.

‘Astro Dust’ – a shift towards off kilter colours that feel intriguing and engaging. A grounding mineral colour Mineral.

‘Apricot Crush’ – warming with vibrancy and invigorating the mind. Easy to pair with neutrals to offer restorative qualities.

‘Galactic Cobalt’ –  strong new digital hue, versatile and connects to escapism. A blue tone that has a jewel like quality. A warming and luminous.

‘Sage Leaf’ – instilling contemplation and relaxation that instils comfort. A settling and calm green

If you would like to receive more information on these emerging colours please feel free to contact us at info@interiorsbydapa.co.uk