Design Q&A with our Lead Creative, Karl Openshaw

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We sat down with our Lead Creative, Karl Openshaw to talk about all things interior design, why he joined the design industry, and trends to look out for! So, let’s get into it…

Why did you choose to go into the creative interior design industry?

For as long as I can remember I have always been drawn to textural pieces and how different colours sit together. I’m obsessed with the way particular items work together in many ways to tell a story, be it in a room or simply a collection of accessories on a shelf.

The design industry gave me a creative outlet to be able to immerse myself in so many beautiful things and meet other amazing creatives who share similar passions to mine. I love to share my passion with clients, I find this ignites my creative thinking and leads me down many different avenues in design.

Where does your design process start?

I always find that it starts with an element that I’m drawn towards and then I begin to layer pieces with a common connection, this can be colour, texture or simply a surface. A strong relationship with a client is imperative at the beginning of the process so we can successfully deliver a vision that stems from their desires and then bring that to reality and exceed all their expectations.

Where do you gather your inspiration?

Everywhere I look I find things that inspire me, sometimes in the most unexpected places! This comes in a combination of colour, texture and materials found in nature, architecture, or simply a conversation with others.

What’s your favourite item in your home?

As someone who has collected many pieces over the years, this was hard to pin down! However, I do have some artworks from Scandinavian artist Milla that are some of my favourite artworks. Artwork is something I treasure; I have a very random collection of abstract pieces gathered from all over the world.

What’s the most useful design lesson you’ve learnt in your career?

To trust your judgment – It is easy to question things and over analyse, go with your initial inspiration as it’s often your passion that drew you to your initial concept. Design is all about shared passion and it’s so important that this comes through in everything you do.

Name 3 interior design trends you think we will see in 2023/2024

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Nature inspired – We will see textures and colours that relate to things found within Nature. The fabrics you see will be more tufted and of an open weave that replicates natural materials. We will find ourselves immersed with more textural and irregular finishes and our wooden finishes will be raw and have more of an open grain, so the true beauty and honesty are evident. Earth tones and greens will remain prominent with the ongoing connection to wellness and serenity.

Modern Retro – This is the combination of present influences and past design elements which present a new take on the 70s, and 80s styles. The furniture you will see will replicate the curves and contours of furniture from this era. Pieces of artwork will have bursts of colour and relate to pop art culture. We will see reminiscent patterns reinvented but with a comforting familiarity. With a nod to sustainability, heirloom pieces will be centre stage in all design fields.

Artisan inspired – We believe that the connection with the artisan is a real drive within the design community, people want to see pieces that have their own identity and stories to tell. We will see a rise in uneven glass and ceramic wares, raw and natural fabrics, and ridged wallcoverings that carry a strong connection to their artisan.